Tycoon Windows 7 Tablet from FIC Review & Features

tycoon tabletA small Taiwanese PC firm named First International Computer (FIC) a second tier debuts the Tycoon, a tablet PC on Windows 7 Home Premium for sale in Taiwan market under its own brand.

FIC the 30 years old company makes notebooks & desktops PCs on a contract manufacturing basis has decided to heighten its profile to global presence by rolling out the slew Tycoon. Its scheduled to launch its table following this weekend with direct sales on U Life TV shopping channel with Vibo Telecom Inc as telecom partner in Taiwan.

To begin with the specifications of Tycoon, it has a 10.1″ model runs on Windows 7 with full touch screen support. This tablet provide as 120 GB storage through hard drive and runs on Intel Atom N455 processors. It also incorporates 2GB DDR3 RAM, Wi-Fi connections. This devices weights less than 1kg (850 grams). Tycoon would be priced at $ 650 as compared with Apple iPad’s $499 in United States with Wi Fi and 16 GB data storage.

Windows 7 supports multi touch functions and FIC opted for that. FIC is the first company to come up with a tablet using Windows 7 environment which they successfully performed under the assistance from Microsoft.

tycoon tablet

Now the question is that why would Tycoon go for Windows 7 instead of Android operating system? Maybe its because they are looking for more business oriented users!

FIC has won initial order for 3,000 Tycoons from Vibo Telecom a 3G provider, although its a part of First International Group. It plans to sell around 1,000 Tycoons per month in domestic market.

Finally the price would come into picture as Apple iPad costs you even lesser than this.

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  2. I don’t think the cost will come in to the picture if it can deliver what they are saying…

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