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Windows is the most used operating system in this world, with billions of users with different requirements, everybody wants to tweak their PC according to their preferences. And for Microsoft, it is almost impossible to satisfy each and every Windows user according to their needs. That is why people always blames Windows, that it runs slow, acts crazy but the real fact is that they don’t know how to use optimize Windows according to their use.

What if your Internet Explorer starts behaving crazily or your looks and personalization settings killing your RAM and you don’t know what to do and how to do as you no idea where all the settings are available in Windows.

So, here is the time when third party tweaking utilities comes to rescue, Ultimate Windows Tweaker is one of them. It is one of the most easy to use, safest and powerful tweaking tool available to tweak Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker lets you customize, personalize and optimize your Windows to make it faster and better. It is a portable utility and does not requires any installation, just double click it and it’s ready to use.

ultimate windows tweaker

The tweaker works with Windows 7 and Windows Vista only (Windows XP is not supported), it automatically detects which version of Windows you are using and offers the tweaks accordingly. The tweaks are grouped in eight different categories which helps you to find the tweak which you are looking for and you’ll find several related tweaks also.

It works with both x86 and x64 bit version of Windows. The tweaker is very convenient and easy to use, when you start the utility, it shows your System Information on start page. The tweaks groups are available on the left side pane, just click on a particular category and you will get the list of tweaks.

The tweaks are available accordingly

  • Personalization
  • User Accounts & UAC
  • System Performance
  • Security Settings
  • Network Tweaks
  • Internet Explorer
  • Additional Tweaks

The latest version supports IE9 as well as new tweaks are also added. Ultimate Windows Tweaker currently sports more than 150 tweaks and settings for Windows 7 and Vista.

Here is how to use the Ultimate Windows Tweaker

  1. Download the UWT set up file. (Download link is available below)
  2. Unzip the folder and extract it. Double Click the UWT v2.2.exe file.
  3. Before you start applying any tweak, go to Additional Tweaks option and Click on Create Checkpoint and create a System Restore Point first.
  4. Now click on any category of which you want to change settings.
  5. From the list of tweaks, just tick the check box and click on Apply button.
  6. The tweak is now applied and settings are changed according to your requirements.

Note: Some tweaks may need you to Log off or even Restart your PC.

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker is developed by Microsoft MVP, Ramesh Kumar and you can download it from here.

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