How to Uninstall apps from Windows Phone 7 Market Place

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If you are new to the Windows Phone 7 then you are sure to install the applications from the Windows 7 Market Place as there are no ways with which you can load or install the applications using the third party sources or from the unknown sources. So, let’s proceed for the same and see on how you can uninstall the apps on your Windows Phone 7.

Procedure to remove or uninstall apps from Windows Phone 7:

  • There are two ways with which you can simply uninstall the applications from your phone which we will see in the due course of this article.
  • From your home screen directly if you wish to uninstall or remove the app then all you need to do is to first long press on the icon of the application which you wish to uninstall and then after that you can again tap on the same to unpin on the same after which the icon will be disappeared which indicates that the app has been removed successfully.
  • So, now to delete the application which is not there in the home screen opn if you wish to completely remove the app than to unpin then just swipe the screen to the left to get to see the applications which are there in your phone and then just long press on the application icon which you wish to uninstall.
  • As soon as you long press on the icon, you will see that a pop up will be popping up with three options which are Pin to Start, uninstall and the third option of rate and review. Out of these three options just select the option of uninstall.
  • Now, as soon as you select the uninstall option, you will see that the application will be uninstalled from your Windows Phone 7 after confirming the deletion request so as to just prevent the deletion of app mistakenly.

So, in this way we have seen on how you can remove or uninstall the application from your Windows Phone 7.

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