Use Windows 8 on your Android Tablet or iPad using Splashtop app

We have already entered in the third quarter of this year but still few months are left in release of awesome Windows 8 tablets from PC manufacturers all over the world.

And yes, we all are eager to hands on Windows 8 on a tablet device but currently in market we have only iPads or Android powered tablets to use. But here is the good news; an app called Win8 Metro Testbed developed by Splashtop let you access Windows 8 over the network on your iPad with the ability to use gestures, and so on. The Win8 Metro Testbed app for iPads is also available on the Apple iTunes Store for a price of $24.99 (approximately Rs. 1,300).

And for Android tablets, app is also called Win8 Metro Testbed and is available to download from the Google Play store. The app is not free and priced at Rs. 1,383, which makes it too costly, but worth paying to use Windows 8 on a tablet.

The app is most useful for developers who want to test their Metro UI apps on a tablet without having to wait for a Windows 8 Tablet. The setup requires you to install the app on your tablet and server software called the Splashtop Streamer software on your Windows 8 PC. After doing initial security verification, you should be able to access the Windows 8 Metro UI on the tablet.

One of the exclusive features of the app is the ability to perform Windows 8 gestures. The server software for the Windows 8 PC has very nominal requirements – a 1.6GHz processor, along with 1GB of memory minimum.

Splashtop is well known leading software company for making solutions to remote access devices over a network. It has also developed few other apps which allow you to use your iPad to enable dual display on your PC.

If you are doing some serious Windows 8 app development, then this is a must have app for you.

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