Ways to Increase Windows Phone 7 Battery Life

Windows Phone 7If you have got a Windows Phone 7 then you may complain about less battery life. So we will guide you on how you can easily increase the Windows Phone 7 battery life just by following some tips. There are some simple tips which you will have to follow after which the Windows Phone 7 battery life will be increased.

Tips to save on the battery life of Windows Phone 7:

Screen Brightness
First and the foremost tip to save the battery life is to save power on the screen brightness since the touch phone eats lots of battery power. All you need to do is to just turn the auto brightness feature off and set the brightness of the screen to low so that you can save lot on the battery life. The less brightness will be ideal for the people, who spend most of the time in indoors.

Screen Lock With Music
This feature most of the time we try to miss out, while listening to music ensure that you lock the screen if you are not actively changing the music.

Dark Theme
Always ensure that you set a darker theme as this one prevents from extra brightness due to plain white background which requires higher battery to keep it glowing and also black being the primary colour, it will help you save ample amount of battery.

Screen Time-out
Reducing the screen timeout in turn further reduces the battery drain as with lesser time of on screen time, the battery will considerably prolong its life.

Bluetooth & WiFi
Always ensure that you don’t pair with any devices for a longer period of time as this just eats up the battery very fast which in turn drains out the battery. Also, when not required, turn off bluetooth and WiFi.

Email and Wireless Synchronization
We all love having to read instant emails, but do you know that by reducing the interval to fetch or sync the mail the battery drain just increases a lot. So, it’s always recommended to set an increased time for sync, like rather than 1 minute, and use it for 5 minutes or 15 seconds.

Social Apps & Hubs
We generally use many apps and other social apps and also due to a newer platform and new apps the frequent updates are evident, so it’s always advised to set for the manual updation rather than setting for auto update. As with auto update feature it will check for updates more frequently. Also, most importantly the social apps frequently use the data network, so its better to reduce the frequency of updation.

One Note Synchronization
Synchronizing your notes between One Note and your Windows Live account is a very beneficial feature, but this feature uses lots of battery to carry out the process. Turn this off for added battery life and optimization. You can turn this off by going to “Applications” in the settings menu.

Xbox Live
Changing the setting that allows the device to auto-connect to the Xbox Live service can preserve battery when you don’t require the connection. Again, this is also found under the “Applications” menu.

Windows Phone 7 Feedback
Now, this one is the great feature but why waste our battery to send the feedback and also prevent sharing your personal details with the Microsoft. Just turn this feature off so that you can save an added battery life.

The above tweaks are very few but in every settings you can choose and further optimize the battery. Also, last but not the least always remember not to charge your battery overnight as this type of battery charging degrades the battery life which actually over charges the battery and reduces the battery performance over the long run of time.

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  1. I do agree Windows 7 phone have serious battery problem. I had this phone a month ago and being replaced by a new one 3 days ago – but the new one isn’t any better. Like Android phones if you download Advanced Task Killer, the applications running in the background is killed but if only we get similar softwear for windows phone. ATK is not possible for windows phone.

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