Windows 8 Promo Code – Trick to Upgrade to Win 8 Pro at $13 / Rs. 699

Unlike any other previous operating system version of Windows, the Windows 8 Pro can be now availed as an upgrade option to even those users who have been using the pirated and Non-licensed version of the Windows 7 OS. Though we have had the original licensed OS versions, so the upgrading was a normal process, but for the users who were having the non-genuine version of the same, they can also upgrade to the latest Windows 8 OS which was launched yesterday, and this is possible for a very stunning price of US $13 or INR 699. This is a promotional price against the original price of Rs. 2000 for the Windows 8 Pro.

You need to go to and select your country and enter your details like Name, Email address and the main information about the Windows 7 purchase. To avail the discount offer, you need to enter the date of purchase of the Windows 7 as something within the last 2 months. Microsoft won’t bother much about the model number, brand and the Name of retailer, but the date is an important part.
Although this offer is available for normal users who have bought new PCs or laptops within the last 2 months, they can enter the original details and get the upgrade done, the others who have purchased their laptops and PCs months or years back can also avail the same by entering a very recent date.

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

Windows 8 Offer Register

Once you have entered the details, you will see the following message:

Ordering Your Upgrade
You will soon receive another email that includes your personal promotion code which enables you to receive the special promotional pricing for the digital download of Windows 8 Pro. That email will also include instructions on how to order the Windows 8 Pro download and how to purchase an optional DVD.

And in a few minutes, you would receive an Email from Microsoft along with the Promo Code you can use to purchase and get the discount.

Windows 8 Upgrade Promo Code

You need to use that promo code while ordering using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, the tool which would check for the apps compatibility and then let you upgrade by taking your order and providing you with a 2GB download file for the installation.

Windows 8 Upgrade Confirm Order

Here are the actual prices of the Windows 8 operating system:

  • Windows 8 Pro Pack – Product Key Card (no media) – $70
  • Windows 8 (Full Version) – OEM $100
  • Windows 8 Pro (Full Version) – OEM $140

The above trick is working for almost everyone, and this could be an attempt from Microsoft to make people move away from piracy and pay a minimal fee to be ethical and use the genuine products from Microsoft in their computers. If that was intentional, then Microsoft is at trying hard to make people ignore piracy and use Original Windows 8, or this could be an attempt to push Windows 8 to as many PCs as possible. Whatever the reason, be sure you upgrade as soon as you can.

Illegal Pirated Windows Users License Upgrade

Users of Illegal pirated version of Windows 7 can now get the original licensed copy of Windows 8 for just $39.99 which is around $130 less than the original final price of Windows 8 Pro. That means, even if you are using an illegal version of Windows 7 and wanted to upgrade, Microsoft would allow you to do that and they won’t ask for the license key for the current operating system version you are using. This offer is not just for the Windows 7 OS users, but also for the Windows Vista and Win XP.

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  1. Thank you 🙂

    Was using Win 7 Pro legit, now I bought Windows 8 Pro for 699 Rs.

  2. This is NOT how it works. You must enter the current windows 7 serial.

  3. Excellent tip.. worked fine for me

  4. Amit are you sure? Shall I go ahead and purchase the same?

  5. Thanks so much … really useful post!!

    I just upgraded to Windows 8 Pro for INR 699!! 😀

  6. You need to enter the windows 7 Serial number. Microsoft is neither naive nor large hearted

  7. Yeah, it definitely asks for current Windows Key – I tried using my one – but alas its years old- so got rejected. So Sorry – this post – though good article – doesn’t work . 🙁

  8. Not working.
    After the given screen for registration it asks for windows key. I tried entering mine which is around year old. It said sorry you are not eligible for this offer.

  9. @verne: you no need to enter the Windows 7 Serial.. if your’s is pirated version then you need to go for $39.99, so then you don’t need any key for the installation..

  10. You dont have to use OEM Windows 7 Serial Number !!!! Just select OTHER in PC Brand 🙂 Work like a charm xD They asking for Serial if you select Brand name computer from the list 😛 Why ? because brand name computers come with Windows Sticker where is serial, get it ?

  11. I bought a license today and never asked me for a windows 7 serial number. Thanks for the article it was very helpful.

  12. I am getting region error while trying to upgrade 🙁

  13. can we use previous win 7 key and new win 8 key on different computers or not?

  14. Are you sure freeBSDuser?
    I have an HCL OEM version. I just have the CD and there is no product key. Even while install it does not ask me any product key. So is the upgrade valid for me?
    Thanks. Hope so amit responds

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