Windows 8 Theme Pack for Windows 7 OS

Windows 7 LogoAfter showcasing the best of the lot user experience, Windows is now slated to launch an all new Windows operating system which will be released very soon. But what’s next from Windows is the question now, is it gonna be the next level of Windows 7 or the next version like Windows 8. Yes, you have guessed it right 100%, its Windows 8. Though there is still no ETA (Estimated time of Arrival) on when Windows 8 will be arriving or even the commercial launch but it’s heard in the depleted voices that Windows 8 is under rigorous beta testing and also is being circulated to some of the developers who are observing the test release of Windows 8.

So, what if you cannot experience the Windows 8, you can surely feel the visual appeal of the Windows 8. So, let’s check out how you can experience the latest Windows 8 visual appeal via the theme for your Windows 7. So, on your current Windows 7 you can easily experience the visually rich Windows 8.
Windows 8
You can download the Windows 8 Theme for your Windows 7 operating system. Please note that if you are on any other operating system then you can extract the zipped contents of the Windows 8 theme pack and then you can make use of wallpapers though you will not be able to set the them of Windows 8 on your XP or Vista based systems.


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