Windows 8 to sport Metro Style UI for Touch based devices

According to the recent blog posts on building Windows 8 blog, the Microsoft’s Windows chief, Steven Sinofsky unveiled their plans for the implementation of Metro Style UI design in Windows 8.

Sinofsky stated that using Metro Interface in Windows 8 is a harmonizing act, which Microsoft first ushered publicly in an event in June. Basically, the Windows 8 Metro inspired Interface will run as the Start Screen, specially designed for the touch centric  devices.

The interface mingles flawlessly into the legacy Windows UI and permits standard applications to run alongside the new Start Screen interface. “Having both of user interfaces together harmoniously is an important part of Windows 8,” explained Sinofsky.

When Microsoft showcased their Windows 8 first demos, they introduced their new Metro Interface experience – fast and fluid, immersive, beautiful, and app-centric. Metro style is far beyond being just a visual design.

So far Microsoft Windows has come up with plethora of versions, and Windows 7 is considered as a huge success for Microsoft Windows which can be analyzed by the depth of its usage. According to the facts and researches it has been found that a large number of population relies on the Windows 7 UI and existing Windows apps and devices every day.

Sinofsky says Windows Desktop powers the hundreds and thousands of existing apps that people rely on today, a vast array of business software, and provides a level of precision and control that is essential for certain tasks and now it role has been cleared.

In context of keyboard and mouse based computing, Sinofsky rejects starting from scratch or removing desktop features from Windows 8. “We chose to take the approach of building a design without compromise,” he explains. “A design that truly affords you the best of the two worlds we see today.”

“The approach will allow Windows 8 users to get a fluid and exclusive Metro style interface and still use legacy apps.” Sinofsky explains Microsoft’s choices for a one size fits all Windows.

Lets wait and see for what more to come. I am eagerly waiting for Windows 8 Beta and to use Metro UI design.



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