Windows Check common Energy Efficiency and Battery Life Problems

windows xp logoIf you are using the latest Windows based operating system then you would surely want to check on the energy efficiency and also would like to diagnose the battery life problems if there are any in your computer system. So with a tool called as the Power Efficiency diagnostic which will enable you to generate and view the report with analysis of your system which also contains the report on common energy efficiency and battery life problems as well as check for errors and warnings for your power setup and hardware.

Procedure to check common Energy Efficiency and Battery Life Problems

Please note that first you will need to access an elevated command prompt, for configuring the below procedure

  • First, click on the Orb which is nothing but the Start button.
  • Now, Click on the option All Programs.
  • Then in all Programs, you need to select Accessories.
  • In Accessories you need to find and Right-click on Command Prompt icon.
  • Now, set the preference as Run as administrator.
  • After you select to Run as Administrator you will see that UAC prompt will appear, simply select Yes.
  • So, once you have elevated your command prompt, you just need to follow the below steps as it is:

  • In the command prompt, you will need to key in the following:
  • powercfg -energy -output %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\PowerCFG_Analysis.html

  • After you enter the above program, your system will go in analysis mode for about 60 seconds.
  • Now when the analyzing gets finished you will see that a summary will be displayed on the screen as shown in the below screen shot.
  • admin cmd prompt

Now, all you need to do is to simply go to your Desktop and need to find the PowerCFG_Analysis.html file and simply open it for viewing the same. Please note that you can also save this report for future use as you can compare the performance whenever you want to.

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