Windows Phone 7 – Scan Documents & Upload to Dropbox & Skydrive

All of those who got Windows Phone 7 in their hands are pretty lucky as they can use it as a scanner with an awesome application named as ‘handyscan’ which is available in both free and paid versions. So, now there is no need to get tensed for scanning documents, magazines, papers etc, as you have a mobile scanner in your hands. Now, lets look at the details of this app.

The free version of this app acts as a document scanner using which you can scan anything with your phone. Apart from scanning, this app allows you to upload them through the cloud or email. Now, we will look at some of the key features of this app.

Features of Handyscan app:

  • Handyscan app scans any kind of documents into your phone and it will automatically optimize the scanned images.
  • handyscan

  • You can upload the documents directly to the cloud through Dropbox and Skydrive.
  • handyscan

  • It also allows you to align and crop the images so that the scan is perfect.
  • You can even sign digital signatures and can use them to sign other documents.
  • It can save various pages of one document under one file.
  • Apart from the above features, you can do many more things with this app. The paid version of this app allows you to covert scanned files to PDF documents and also gives extra email and restoring options.

    To use this app, just open the camera and face it on to the document which you want to scan and that’s it, the document gets scanned and you can tap on the settings for saving and uploading the scanned document as shown above.

    Handyscan app is the must have app on the Windows phone 7. Install it and use it like a mobile scanner.

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