Windows Phone 7 Update 7.0.7392.0 Tutorial

If you are having a Windows Phone 7 then you might have got an minor update today, though this update doesn’t add any additional feature sets but this update is all about the fixation of digital certificates for 9 of its applications which are,, (3 certificates),, and also “Global Trustee”. The cause of this update is just because of Comodo, Comodo is one of the most leading Security suite providers. Comodo recently issued an advisory regarding the loop holes in the form of nine fraudulent digital certificates which stated that all the 9 applications which are mentioned above doesn’t validate the identity which may be used to spoof the content and can also become for the cause of Phishing attacks.

With this update all the affected certificates will be moved to the “Untrusted Publishers” making it simpler for determining such applications. This update is dubbed as 7.0.7392.0

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