Windows Phone 7 to come with Tango & Apollo Updates

Finally, Microsoft has come with the great strategies to be in competition with Android and iOS. The main focus of Microsoft is now on Windows Phone and it has made a clear plan to bring Tango and Apollo updates in 2012. According to the sources, a leaked roadmap of Microsoft indicates that Tango would launch in Q2 of 2012 and then the Apollo in Q4.

So, Tango is going to hit the markets in Q2 of 2012 and it is likely to be updated with Windows Phone 7 on low-end products and is available for best prices. Later, in 2012 (Q4) Apollo update will be released which supports high-end devices with HD screens and dual-core processors. This strategic plan clearly indicates that Microsoft has concentrated both on low-end and high-end devices to increase the volume of their sales.

Whatever may be the strategies and plans of other manufacturers, we are going to have a great gadgets year ahead and let’s hope the sales of Windows Phone devices may reach their expectations.

Image Credit: WMPoweruser

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