Windows Phone 7 Unlock Tool for Developers

Windows Phone 7 LogoMicrosoft has invited ChevronWP7 team to partner with them in producing a low-cost developer unlock tool. But wait let me introduce Chevron WP7 team first and their work which lead them to tie up with Microsoft. Chevron WP7 team member’s named Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng works on a goal to make Windows Phone development more accessible to the users. They were posting unlocking Windows Phone 7 guides on to avoid a fee of $99. This would unlock Windows Phone 7 device without a Marketplace developer account. Within the same app they have also built a re-lock guide too.

The news is that ChevronWP7 team will work with Microsoft for a long-term solutions and hopes that it will bring a broader range of access to the public. So with this news shaping up to reality, this will allow developers to save $99 per year viewed for full Windows Phone developer. The unlocking with cost a certain nominal fee which is right now taken in the form of PayPal as the payment processor. Price at $99 per year Microsoft was losing freelance developers very quickly. This step forward will invite developers to build apps and publish them so that they can be used on Windows Phone 7.

ChevronWP7 released their unofficial version of Windows Phone 7 unlock tool in November that allowed the Windows Phone 7 users to wretch the security measures by tricking the OS into registering itself as Windows Phone 7 developer device. At request of Microsoft, ChevronWP7 closed distributing the tool just two weeks after it was released.

There are areas of OS which are mostly unavailable to most of the developers. There are several functions for applications apart from the normal Windows Phone Marketplace which could be useful for homebrew developers.

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