Windows Phone 7 Update to 7.0.7403.0 – Tutorial

The latest version of the Windows Phone 7 OS has been released and it’s the Windows Phone 7 Mango Operating System, which has several enhancements, changes and updates from the previous version, making it something that can actually now compete with the other OS like the Android and iOS operating systems. We have updated that, but there is a version with the code 7.0.7403.0

Windows Phone Mango Update

Here is the tutorial on how you can update your Windows Phone 7 OS to WP 7.5 Mango version (Earlier we had written a tutorial on how to update to Windows Phone 7 7.0.7392.0) –

  • Connect your Windows phone to the computer using the USB 2.0 cord
  • Open Microsoft Zune and you would get a notification that there is an update available for your Windows Phone.
  • Hit Update and it would take you to the process of updating where it would backup the phone, but still it is advised to take a manual backup of all the files that you have in the phone before the process begins.
  • While the update is going on, you would see several steps of updating process. Wait until the update is completed and the phone is restarted.

This version is an Unknown release (Post-NoDo, Pre-Mango), which was a version that has come just prior to the official release of the Windows Phone 7 Mango version.

Video Tutorial :

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