File Manager on Windows Phone 8.1 in May with New Folder / Move Files Features

Microsoft has bought the new Windows 8.1 developer preview update to its Windows phones but it still lacks the file manager that we can find on most of the other mobile Operating Systems through the stores. Most users expected this feature to come up with the 8.1 update pre-installed but that’s not the case. Microsoft has now come up with good news that Windows Phone 8.1 final version which would be available to all the users will be coming with file manger that will allow you to manage all your files. This File manager is expected to hit the Windows Phone 8.1 in the late May.

The confirmation news came from Joe Belfiore who is the VP, Lead Windows Phone Team and confirmed it AMA session on Reddit. He said that the File Manager is one of the most requested feature by all the users. He also shared some of the screenshots of this app and also mentioned that he has been running a test build of the file manager on couple of his phones and said that it is getting in to a pretty good shape.

File-manager-for-WP-8.1 1 File-manager-for-WP-8.1 1 File-manager-WP8.1-4

File-manager-WP8.1-a File-manager-for-WP-8.1 2 File-manager-for-WP-8.1 6

Joe was asked a simple question if there were any plans on introducing File manager on Windows Phone and Joe was pretty much excited in replying and mentioned that he avoided tweeting on this topic as it was for all the redditors. He also gifted a Cortana T-shirt for asking the question. The shared screen shots shows how easy it is to manage the files and document on to your Windows Phone and shows how to create a new folder easily on the WP8 OS. You can also move files from phone memory to SD card and vice versa.

We know how big the Windows phone 8.1 update is, and every one must have expected this File manager to come along with it, nevertheless its coming soon and would be available within a few weeks. Are you waiting for File Manager to get on your Windows Phone? Do comment below.

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