How to Change Pinned Website Icons in IE9

If you have used the latest Internet Explorer 9 then you must have surely tried to pinning the website icons in the IE9 to the desktop task bar as this makes easy shortcuts of all your favorite pin ups with the website’s default favicon which may not sometimes go well with the theme which is set, so let’s check out on how you can easily customize these icons as per your choice in a step by step tutorial given below.

Procedure to change the pinned website icons in the IE 9:

  • Instead of showing up the icons as shown below which is in fact a very confusing as well as the very cluttered view which is shown below.
  • TaskbarSo, to avoid this and to add the icon as per your choice as shown below to avoid the confusion and the cluttered view, you will have to follow the procedure.
  • Managed Task Bar

  • First of all you will have to right click on the icon in the task bar which you wish to change, after which you will have to click on the Properties as shown below
  • PIN Properties

  • Now, as soon as the Properties window pops up, switch to Website tab and choose Change Icon as shown in the below screen shot

website properties

  • Here, you can now choose the icon from the Change Icon window. If you don’t like them, click on Browse and point to your own icon where you have saved it or you can choose from the System 32 folder as shown below,

Change icon

  • So, after selecting the icon from the above list of icons, just click on the Ok option to save your chosen icon setting.

Selected Icon

  • In addition to the system icons, you can also additionally look out for the icons of your choice if you are having any, as you can browse and select the same,

icons taskbar
So, as you can see in the above screen shot you can see that the icon sets have been made simpler by choosing the desired icons. That’s it, by following the above tutorial, you can easily change the pinned up icons.

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  1. my problem is that i cant see the “website” tab. it’s something about the privileges i bet, but not sure how i can expand them. (of course I am the administrator)

  2. and if the “website” tab does not appear?
    i’m the administrator of my pc and i cannot see that tab to change the icon. please help

  3. but, in mine i can’t find the wibsite tab on properties window pop up ??

    can u help me ??

  4. Unfortunately I can not get the ‘website’ tab. I use windows 7 and have 64 bit. so now what do I do?

  5. What if the Website tab isn’t there when you view the properties of the .website file? I have IE9 installed but the tab called Website in your screen shots is not present on mine.

  6. How this can be achieved dynamically? i mean adding some sort of html tag in page like we do for shortcut icon?

  7. No website tab on My Win7 computer either. Using IE9.

  8. I’ts a joke, i don’t have a website tab on my cumputer.
    I use Win7 in 64bits and IE9 64bits too. Microsoft suckk seriously !!!!
    I really beginning to think that Microsoft is shitting…

  9. Same here. No website tab. I think if there had been a website tab handy, we all would have figured this one out, as I think setting shortcut icons is generally easier than the actual site-pinning process (provided we’re given the ability to do so).

  10. I remember I did this while I was using the Beta of IE9 and the ‘Website’ Tab was there. But somehow now in the final version has disappeared. Not cool…

  11. This worked for me.
    1. Go to C:\Users\”Your Account here”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar
    2. Open notepad
    3. Drag and drop pinned site shortcut into notepad
    4. To Change the icon just modify the destination file on the “iconfile=” line
    5. Set “IconIndex=” to 0

  12. Seems I am not the only one that can not find the tab to change cn in properties is there a fix for this

  13. I can do it only with StrtMenu. I added to shortcut IconFile=C:\hotmail.ico & IconIndex=0. In Taskbar not work.

  14. To create a “pinned” custom icon is to:
    1. Create a internet shortcut on the desktop.
    2. Drag the shortcut to the task bar.
    3. Right click on your newly created pinned shortcut.
    4. Right click on the name on the browser you are using and select “properties”
    5. you can now select the “Change Icon” button and set your icon.

    note the icon may not change until you restart windows..Make sure all browsers are closed when you start.

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